Is the MacBook Pro 14 still better than the Surface Laptop Studio 2?

In this piece, we’ll examine both the MacBook Pro 14 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 in great depth to see which of these two laptops is the superior option.

macbook pro 14

The market for laptops is facing increasingly cutthroat competition in today’s rapidly developing technological landscape. Both Apple’s MacBook Pro 14 and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio 2 are formidable machines that have garnered a lot of attention in the industry recently. When it comes to deciding between these two high-end laptops, customers are presented with a challenging choice due to the amazing specifications and cutting-edge features offered by both models. In this piece, we’ll examine both the MacBook Pro 14 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 in great depth to see which of these two laptops is the superior option.

Understanding the Key Features

MacBook Pro 14

1. Design and Build Quality

The Apple MacBook Pro 14 has always been associated with sophistication and an exceptional level of build quality. It has a sleek aluminum unibody design that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also extremely robust. This design is a real winner all around. Those who value meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship will find that the distinctive Apple aesthetics are a welcome bonus.

2. Performance

The outstanding performance of the MacBook Pro 14 is one of the most notable characteristics of this model. It features lightning-fast processing rates thanks to Apple’s M1 CPU or higher-end variations of that chip, which power it. This laptop can easily perform a wide variety of jobs, from those that require a lot of resources to those that require you to multitask. Because of its high level of efficiency, the M1 chip is a powerhouse for a wide range of applications, including the production of content and the development of software.

3. Retina Display

The Retina XDR display included on the MacBook Pro 14 has garnered a lot of praise. Because of its high resolution, this screen has excellent color accuracy, contrast, and brightness, which together produce breathtaking graphics. Whether you’re editing photographs and movies or just enjoying multimedia content, the Retina display takes the viewing experience to an entirely new level and improves it no matter what you’re doing with it.

4. macOS Ecosystem

The seamless integration of the MacBook Pro 14 into the larger Apple ecosystem is yet another enticing feature of this powerful computer. Productivity and convenience can be increased with the use of features such as Continuity, Handoff, and Universal Control. If you already have an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple product, the MacBook Pro 14 is an excellent addition to your digital life because it integrates so well with the rest of your Apple products.

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Surface Laptop Studio 2

1. Versatility

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind design as a 2-in-1 device. This laptop can effortlessly transform into a variety of modes, including the conventional mode of a laptop, the mode of a studio for the creation of content, and the mode of a tablet for convenience while traveling. The typical laptop design of the MacBook Pro cannot compete with the flexibility that this feature provides.

2. Performance

The performance of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 is guaranteed to be stable and sturdy thanks to the inclusion of Intel processors in the device. Even though it may not equal the energy economy of the M1 chip in the MacBook Pro, it does exceptionally well when it comes to managing tasks that require a lot of resources. It is a dependable option for individuals working in creative fields who place a premium on great performance.

3. PixelSense Display

Another standout feature is the PixelSense display seen on the Surface Laptop Studio 2. Because it supports touch and has a high resolution, it gives the user an experience that is both responsive and immersive. This functionality is very appealing to digital artists and designers, as well as anyone else who prefers an interface in the form of a touchscreen.

4. Windows 11 Integration

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 from Microsoft is designed to make the most of the capabilities offered by the Windows 11 operating system. It provides comprehensive integration with the features and upgrades of Windows 11, which results in a contemporary and unbroken user experience.

Performance Comparison

MacBook Pro 14 vs. Surface Laptop Studio 2

1. Processing Power

The MacBook Pro 14’s custom Apple silicon, such as the M1 chip, sets a new standard for processing power in laptops. In most real-world scenarios, it outperforms the Surface Laptop Studio 2, especially when running applications optimized for macOS. Its energy-efficient architecture also contributes to longer battery life.

2. Graphics Performance

When it comes to graphics performance, the MacBook Pro 14’s integrated GPU delivers remarkable results. On the other hand, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 relies on Intel’s integrated graphics, which, while decent, may not be as capable of gaming or handling graphic-intensive tasks. However, it’s worth noting that some configurations of the Surface Laptop Studio 2 offer a dedicated NVIDIA GPU for improved graphics performance.

3. Operating System

Choosing between macOS and Windows 11 ultimately comes down to personal preference. macOS is known for its stability and seamless app optimization, making it a top choice for creative professionals. On the other hand, Windows 11 provides versatility and access to a vast library of software.

Display and Design

1. MacBook Pro 14

The MacBook Pro 14’s Retina XDR display offers exceptional visual quality with accurate color representation and high brightness. However, it lacks touch functionality, which some users may miss, especially in a world where touchscreens are becoming more prevalent.

2. Surface Laptop Studio 2

The PixelSense display on the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is not only high-resolution but also supports touch and pen input. This makes it an ideal choice for creatives, digital artists, and those who appreciate the convenience of a touchscreen interface.

Portability and Battery Life

1. MacBook Pro 14

The MacBook Pro 14 is known for its impressive battery life. Its energy-efficient M1 chip contributes to extended usage, making it a reliable option for professionals who are constantly on the move.

2. Surface Laptop Studio 2

While the Surface Laptop Studio 2 offers decent battery life, it may not match the MacBook Pro’s longevity, especially under heavy workloads.


In the battle between the MacBook Pro 14 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2, both laptops bring unique strengths to the table. The MacBook Pro 14 excels in raw processing power, energy efficiency, and seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem. It’s a top choice for professionals in creative fields.

On the other hand, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 offers unparalleled versatility with its 2-in-1 design, touchscreen capabilities, and strong performance. Its deep integration with Windows 11 caters to those seeking flexibility in their computing experience.

Ultimately, the choice between these two laptops depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider what matters most to you, whether it’s raw power, versatility, or your preference for macOS or Windows. Whichever laptop you choose, you’re investing in a premium computing experience tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Surface Laptop Studio 2 run macOS?

No, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is designed to run Windows 11. Officially, it does not support macOS. Attempting to install macOS on this device is not recommended and may lead to compatibility issues.

2. Which laptop is better for gaming?

For gaming, the choice between the MacBook Pro 14 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 largely depends on your gaming preferences. While the MacBook Pro 14 can handle casual gaming, the Surface Laptop Studio 2, especially in configurations with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU, may be a better choice for those seeking a more gaming-oriented experience.

3. Does the MacBook Pro 14 support external GPUs?

No, the MacBook Pro 14 does not have built-in support for external GPUs. It relies on its integrated GPU for graphics processing. If you require high-performance graphics for specific tasks, you may need to consider alternative solutions.

4. Can I run professional software on both laptops?

Yes, both the MacBook Pro 14 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 are capable of running professional software. However, software compatibility may vary depending on the operating system and specific software requirements. Be sure to check the software you need for your work or creative projects before making a decision.

5. Is the Surface Laptop Studio 2 suitable for digital art?

Yes, the Surface Laptop Studio 2’s touchscreen and pen input capabilities make it an excellent choice for digital artists, designers, and creative professionals. The responsive and accurate touchscreen, combined with Microsoft’s Surface Pen, provides a seamless and natural drawing experience. Whether you’re sketching, illustrating, or editing photos, this laptop is well-suited to creative tasks.

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