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Optimize Your PC With 5 Best Free Driver Updater Tools

Driver updater tools perform the exact function you would anticipate: they facilitate updating Windows device drivers, whether for a specific component or all of your computer’s hardware.

Driver Updater Tools

Driver updater tools perform the exact function you would anticipate: they facilitate updating Windows device drivers, whether for a specific component or all of your computer’s hardware.

Our Top Recommendations

  1. Overall Best: Driver Booster
    • “Simplifies driver updates through automated processes.”
  2. Best For Offline Drivers: Snappy Driver Installer
    • “Allows offline installation of updates, even without an internet connection.”
  3. Best for Comprehensive Information: DriversCloud
    • “Provides detailed hardware and software information, including outdated drivers.”
  4. Best for Scheduled Scans: Driver Easy
    • “Automatically checks for outdated drivers based on a customized schedule.”

I regularly evaluate these tools and can confirm their authenticity and functionality. Unlike alternatives that merely scan for potential updates, they offer free driver downloads. Specific options were omitted due to excessive restrictions or possible malware presence.

Utilizing these tools can significantly reduce your reliance on Device Manager for manual driver updates and avoid the hassle of locating and downloading drivers from manufacturers’ websites.

Here are the 5 Best Free Driver Updater Tools

Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Driver Booster stands out as the top choice. I rely on it for my computers and consistently recommend it to those seeking similar applications. It is compatible with all Windows versions, streamlining the driver update process with its automated approach.

This tool runs scans to identify outdated drivers, supporting a vast library of over 6 million drivers (8 million with the Pro version) from more than a thousand manufacturers. Notably, the program automatically downloads updates within its interface, negating the need for manual retrieval from individual manufacturer sites.

Moreover, Driver Booster facilitates easy comparison between new and current driver versions before installation. The program also generates restore points as a precautionary measure before driver updates.

A bonus is the integration of an offline updater, which enables information transfer from a non-operational computer to obtain network drivers from a functional system. Refer to the provided offline driver updater instructions for further guidance.

Other functionalities include driver rollbacks, uninstallation, ignoring specific drivers, exporting driver lists to text files, utilizing Game Boost for resource optimization, and accessing system information.

Driver Booster is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


  • In-program driver downloads.
  • Automatic creation of restore points.
  • Scheduled scans for outdated drivers.
  • No daily download or update limitations.
  • Includes offline updater.


  • Prominent promotion of the Pro version.
  • Advertisements for other company products.
  • Additional drivers are available with a Pro subscription.
  • Attempt to install unrelated programs during setup.

DOWNLOAD Drive Booster

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer offers the unique ability to download multiple drivers for various device types simultaneously. Once downloaded, updates can be installed immediately, whether connected to the internet or not.

Despite its simplicity, the program’s design can be slightly unintuitive, particularly when accessing additional options through right-click functionality. If faced with difficulties, I recommend referring to the Snappy Driver Installer Origin Forum for guidance.

Noteworthy attributes of this tool include ad-free operation, unrestricted download speeds, portability for use on flash drives, and the capability to install an unlimited number of drivers without constraints. While my testing focused on Windows 11, Snappy Driver Installer is also compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


  • Absence of advertisements.
  • Fully portable (no installation required).
  • In-program driver downloads.
  • Support for offline driver installations.


  • Lack of customizable scan schedules.
  • Somewhat less user-friendly compared to similar software.

DOWNLOAD Snappy Driver Installer

Driver Talent

Driver Talent | Storymag uk

Formerly known as DriveTheLife, Driver Talent is a straightforward tool that simplifies downloading device drivers by eliminating the need to search for official download links online.

In addition to updating missing and outdated drivers, the application addresses corrupted drivers and provides a backup of all installed drivers. The Peripheral Drivers section identifies printer and USB drivers, indicating their installation and functionality status.

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Before initiating a download, the driver’s file size, release date, and version are displayed to ensure accurate selection. While not exclusive to Driver Talent, this feature is appreciated.

The tool offers a variant version that incorporates network drivers and functions offline, making it particularly useful when installing drivers without the necessary network driver. This was invaluable after encountering connectivity issues following Windows installations without the network driver.

The program is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


  • Quick installation process.
  • In-program driver downloads (no manual download required).
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Backs up drivers before installations and removals.
  • Enables driver reinstallation.


  • Bulk downloading is not supported (individual driver downloads are required).
  • Limited customization of scan schedules.
  • Some features require payment.

DOWNLOAD Driver Talent


Driver Cloud | StoryMag Uk

Formerly Ma-Config, DriversCloud is a free web-based service that gathers comprehensive information about your computer’s hardware and software, including outdated drivers. While it may not be my top choice, its inclusion is warranted due to its extensive system information capabilities, catering to users seeking more than driver updates.

Navigate to Advanced Detection > Online Detection > Launch Detection to identify your hardware and drivers upon installation and launch. After the scan, the results are presented in your web browser. Select “Detect all my drivers” and “See my most recent drivers on that page” for further guidance.

On the driver page, an option to view recommended downloads is available. This approach provides a single executable for installing selected drivers from the website. However, a manual option allows for individual driver updates.

DriversCloud supports Windows systems.


  • Identifies beta drivers.
  • Displays only WHQL-certified drivers.
  • Offers extensive system details.
  • Functions offline.
  • Supports bulk driver downloads.
  • Creates restore points.
  • Enables email alerts for new drivers.


  • Lacks a fully automated solution.
  • The website contains advertisements.
  • Some information requires deeper exploration, unlike most driver updates.

DOWNLOAD Driver Cloud

Driver Easy

Driver Easy | StoryMag Uk

Driver Easy stands out by automatically checking for outdated drivers based on a customizable schedule. This feature is advantageous, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, or system scans idle or upon Windows logon.

Unlike comparable tools, Driver Easy conducts driver downloads directly within its software interface, bypassing the need for an external web browser. With a substantial database of over 8 million drivers, the program provides valuable features such as hardware information viewing and network driver identification for offline scenarios.

However, certain advanced features, including automatic restore point creation, driver backups, and bulk updates, are available only with a paid subscription.

Driver Easy is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


  • Supports scheduled automatic updates.
  • Swift driver scans.
  • In-program driver downloads.
  • Quick program installation.
  • Network driver identification even in offline mode.


  • Slower driver downloads.
  • Manual installation of updates is required.
  • Lack of bulk download support.
  • Some features are locked behind payment.
  • Persistent visibility of the “UPGRADE” button.

DOWNLOAD Driver Easy

Device-Specific Updaters

While the tools mentioned above cater to various computer systems for driver detection, knowing the device manufacturer allows you to explore dedicated tools for driver updates.

For example, the Intel Driver & Support Assistant efficiently updates most Intel hardware drivers. Similarly, NVIDIA offers a dedicated tool for updating drivers, providing automated notifications and installations.



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