The Hundred is back for a new edition, as has The Hundred Fantasy Game! Once again, you can realize your dreams of managing your own cricket team by selecting a 14-player squad comprised of stars from the Men’s and Women’s Competitions.


The Hundred is back for a new edition, as has The Hundred Fantasy Game!

Once again, you can realize your dreams of managing your cricket team by selecting a 14-player squad of stars from the Men’s and Women’s Competitions.

The Hundred Fantasy Game is another great way to experience all the action and excitement of The Hundred, with participation being incredibly simple and the possibility of winning prizes throughout the competition.


Are you willing to take your chances? The Hundred is a simple fantasy game that can be played on The Hundred app.


After registering for The Hundred Fantasy Game, you must choose a team of 14 players who will earn points based on their actual performances in The Hundred.

In public and private leagues, you can compete against family, friends, coworkers, and other The Hundred fans.


All participants in The Hundred are assigned a constant credit score throughout the competition.

You will have 100 credits to choose a squad of 14 from The Hundred Players in the Men’s and Women’s Competitions. You cannot use more than 100 credits, but you can use fewer if you choose!

Your squad must include seven men and seven women and various roles outlined below.

1. 3 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) players classified as ‘batters’;
2. 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) players classified as ‘all-rounder’;
3. 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) players classified as ‘wicket-keepers’;
4. 3 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) players classified as ‘bowlers.’

There are no restrictions on the number of overseas players or players from a single team that can be selected.

You will choose eleven starters and three substitutes for your team.

The order of the three substitutes is from Substitute 1 to Substitute 3. This order will determine their entry into the game if they do not compete within the block.

For example, if a starting player does not play during Block 1, Substitute 1 will replace him.

Additionally, you must choose a Captain and Vice Captain for your squad. A Captain receives two times as many points as a Vice Captain.

If your Captain or Vice-Captain does not compete during the block, the replacement player will not receive double or 1.5x points.


There are eleven ‘Blocks’ containing fixtures throughout The Hundred. Typically, blocks begin on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays and cover all fixtures within that time frame.

Click here for full details of the blocks.

You may make unlimited changes to your team between blocks until the official start time of the first match in the following block.


Points are awarded and indeed taken away for batting, bowling, and fielding. Here’s the breakdown:


Run | +1
Boundary Bonus | +1
Six Bonus | +2
30 Run Bonus | +5
50 Bonus | +10
100 Bonus | +20
Dismissal for 0 | -2

You will want to select players who score numerous runs throughout the competition. However, it is prudent to consider those who score numerous home runs, for instance. The more times they hit, the more points you will receive!

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NOTE: Any player scoring a hundred will only get the +20 points for the hundred. This will not include their 30 and 50 bonus.

For any runs scored on an overthrow, points will be awarded to the batter on strike for that ball. However, the batter will not receive an additional boundary bonus if the overthrow goes for a boundary.


Wicket (Excluding a Run Out) | +25
Bonus (LBW/Bowled) | +8
2 Wicket Bonus | +3
3 Wicket Bonus | +5
4 Wicket Bonus | +10
5 Wicket Bonus | +20
Maiden | +12

Any player who takes five wickets will only receive the 5 Wicket Bonus points. They will receive no points for the 2, 3, or 4 Wicket Bonuses.

Yes, it makes sense to select bowlers with many wickets. But those who consistently attract virgins may prove to be just as valuable.


Catch | +8
3 Catch Bonus | +4
Stumping | +12
Run Out (Direct Hit) | +12
Run Out (Not a Direct Hit) | +6

A direct hit occurs when the fielder is the only person to touch the ball following delivery to the batter. In all other situations, points will be awarded to the final two field players to touch the ball.

Players who make more than three catches will also receive a 3 Catch Bonus of 4 points. For instance, a player who catches six passes will earn +4 points.

There are numerous ways to earn fielding points, so keep this in mind when choosing your team!


Additional points will be awarded for the following:

Captain | 2x Points
Vice-Captain | 1.5x Points
In Announced Line Up | +4 Points


Every user is automatically enrolled in two public leagues:

• The Hundred League – this league is open to all participants
• The Hundred Fan Leagues – this is a separate league for all The Hundred fans who support a specific team.

Users may also choose to create their private leagues, with a limit of 50 private leagues per user.

Each private league will be assigned an invitation code that any league member can obtain.

The creator of the private league can remove league members. If the league’s administrator decides to leave the league, the next user to join the league will be appointed as administrator.

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