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The Met Office Has Revealed When Snow Will Fall in the UK Next.

The Met Office has revealed when snow is likely to fall in the UK as an Arctic blast brings more wintry weather to the country.

Met Office Has Revealed When Snow Will Fall

The Met Office has revealed when snow will fall in the UK as an Arctic blast brings more wintry weather to the country.

Snow and sleet landed earlier this week in London and the south-east when temperatures dropped below freezing after a week of heavy rains.

The Met Office said on Tuesday that the UK experienced its ninth coldest night this winter, with temperatures dropping to -11 degrees Celsius in Aviemore, Scotland.

A more northerly wind and “arctic influence” are predicted to settle over the UK on Sunday, lowering temperatures and bringing further snow next week, according to the forecast.

Will Lang, director of situational awareness for the Met Office, stated, “The extremely low temperatures will return over the weekend and spread throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom in the early days of the following week.

“This will initially increase coastal showers, which will gradually transform into snow in many regions, particularly further north.”

The forecaster’s representative further stated that temperatures are expected to drop substantially the following week, with the south of England experiencing temperatures near 3C and the north approaching zero.

<p>Cars parked during a snow flurry in Lenham, Kent, on Monday </p>

They added that next week’s wind chill will significantly increase the temperature. The United Kingdom will remain chilly and dry for the remainder of the week, with daytime maximum temperatures in the south remaining in the low single digits.

Thursday is expected to begin windy and chilly in the south, with a greater likelihood of frost in the north. However, both days are expected to be relatively dry.

Late on Friday, a band of precipitation is anticipated to pass over northern Scotland before moving southward on Saturday, where it may transform into “drizzly rain or cloud” for some.

As of December 3rd, the lowest recorded daily minimum temperature of the winter thus far is minus 12.5 degrees Celsius at Altnaharra.

In portions of the United Kingdom, flooding has persisted as a significant concern in the aftermath of heavy rainfall during Storm Henk, in addition to the cold weather.

Since last week’s inundation, the number of flood warnings in effect for England is progressively declining; as of Wednesday afternoon, 98 remain in effect. Additionally, 116 flood notices are in effect to indicate potential flood zones.

Sewer overflow has reportedly affected the residents of Lightlands Lane in Cookham, Berkshire, according to Thames Water.

“As a result of recent heavy rainfall, flood defenses adjacent to Lightlands Lane Sewage Pumping Station were unfortunately overwhelmed,” the water company said in an apology to the local populace.

The resulting flooding hindered our capacity to evacuate waste from adjacent properties. Our engineers will persist in performing essential restorations in areas where it is prudent to do so.

Furthermore, Thames Water stated that in order to prevent further flooding and guarantee that customers can continue to use their amenities at home, it is utilizing tankers to remove excess sewage.

In the interim, Eton College students have been advised to remain at home during the start of the new term due to sewerage issues at the prestigious boarding school.

Students and staff were scheduled to return to class on Tuesday; however, due to an overburdened local wastewater system, the institution has been forced to transition to remote learning.

The Midlands, the north-west, the southwest, and the south-east of England are all under an amber cold health alert until Friday at noon.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued an amber alert, which indicates that “the effects of cold weather are likely to be felt throughout the entire health service for a prolonged duration.”


Wednesday evening:

Mostly cloudless with intermittent clear spells and frost in the western regions of Scotland, southern England, and parts of south Wales. There are cloudier regions with the occasional trace of drizzle.


Increasingly, the sunshine that once blanketed the south of England is now confined to the southwest. Occasional sunny periods throughout western Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. Otherwise, the sky is overcast with light rainfall.

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