The Best Winter Wardrobe Tips to Keep you Warm this Cold Snap

The best winter wardrobe tips and clothing hacks to keep you warm from head to toe instead of turning up the heat and ruining your clothes:

Winter Wardrobe Tips

Without leaving the house, it’s hard to stay warm during this latest cold snap, which has temperatures below zero.

These days, getting dressed is more about function than style because we have to fight the weather and try to keep our heating bills from going through the roof.

Here are the best winter wardrobe tips and clothing hacks to keep you warm from head to toe instead of turning up the heat and ruining your clothes:

The Best Winter Wardrobe Tips

Get layering

When you don’t want your body heat to escape, layering is key. Start any winter outfit with pants and long-sleeved tops made of thermal fabrics that keep you warm without adding too much bulk. Then add a loose middle layer, like a flannel shirt, and finish with the thickest jumper you can find.

Layers are the best way to stay warm and stylish in the winter, says Jo McLaren, who is in charge of e-commerce for the high-end wool brand N.Peal (

“In the winter, everyone needs T-shirts, cardigans, and jumpers to help them put together an outfit for the next cold day,” she says.

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Choose the right clothes.

The hottest fabrics work by trapping air in small spaces that keep you warmer. That’s why wool, sheepskin, shearling, and fake fur are good to have when it gets cold. For the best heat-trapping gear, try joggers lined with fleece, sheepskin boots, or a hat lined with fake fur.


Fingerless gloves are great if your hands are always cold, but you need to keep your fingers free for typing or other tasks. Dress shirts with thumb loops or extra-long sleeves will also help.

No matter how plain a dress is, accessories can make it stand out. “Accessorizing in the winter is a great way to wear stylish items, like a cashmere scarf and gloves that match,” says McLaren.

“Accessories are also a great way to add color to those wintery sweaters that are all the same color,” she says. “It could be a pop of red for the holidays or your favorite geometric pattern.”

You could even stay warm with trendy earmuffs. Claire Asher, a fashion expert at Boohoo, calls them “a fun yet practical accessory” for the winter, and Bella Hadid loves the look.

“Fluffy earmuffs are not only a cute retro fashion choice, but they are also the best way to keep our ears warm in the winter.” “The great thing about earmuffs is that they look great with almost any outfit,” she said.

Double-up on socks.

The parts of our bodies that are closest to our hearts and important organs are usually the first to feel cold when the temperature drops. To stop it, put on two pairs of socks and make sure there’s no space at the ankle where cold air can get in.

Also, McLaren says to buy shoes that are one size bigger than your normal size so that you can wear thick, warm socks inside them.

Grab a statement coat.

A beautiful coat is McLaren’s favorite way to dress up an outfit for winter.

She says, “Buy two or three coats that are different in color, texture, pattern, and thickness so that you can switch out the layers and get a new look every time.”

She also says that you can be artistic with a coat in a lot of different ways.

“It will not only keep you warm, but you can also make a fancy outfit with just a stylish jacket and some cheap basics.” Think about using bright block colors, eye-catching prints, and fluffy faux furs on your clothing. These will definitely make any simple outfit look better while keeping you warm and cozy.

Rock a gilet

Putting on a light gilet under a wool coat will make it a lot warmer. These bodywarmers, which look very thin, make a big difference. You can find a lot of different styles, including a large selection for men and women, at Uniqlo. Some brands, like Regatta, make heated gilets with warming pads that can be charged. These are helpful if you’re going to be outside in the cold for a while.

Tech saves the day.

Sometimes, even putting your hands deep in your pockets isn’t enough to keep your fingers from getting cold, especially when you’re outside.

Put some hand warmers in your pockets to turn up the heat. The most eco-friendly hand warmers are reusable gel packs or electric warmers that can be charged. There are many items to choose from on sites like Amazon and eBay.

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