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The iPhone app for Microsoft Copilot AI is now available.

Additionally, Microsoft introduced a number of products that make use of OpenAI’s GPT language model

Microsoft Copilot AI

Microsoft Copilot AI: Artificial intelligence was arguably the word that best encapsulated the year 2023. Despite the fact that ChatGPT was initially introduced at the tail end of 2022, the year under review was notable not just for the significant expansion of ChatGPT itself but also for the expansion of generative AI in general.

Additionally, Microsoft introduced a number of products that make use of OpenAI’s GPT language model. One of these tools is the well-known Bing Chat service, which is now referred to as Microsoft Copilot AI. A specialized application for iPhone devices is now available from Copilot.

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Microsoft recently released Copilot-specific iOS software, which is now accessible for download on iPhones. Just a few days ago, Microsoft discreetly published the app for Android as well. This comes not long after that.

The same can be said about this update, which Microsoft did not announce with much fanfare. You will likely be familiar with this software if you have previously used Copilot (or, to be honest, any other chatbot AI program). The Android and iOS versions of the app are identical to one another.

Without entering into your Microsoft account, you are automatically granted a few free tokens, and the number of tokens you have access to increases when you log in. This is in contrast to the experience of using the web, which necessitates the incorporation of an account, at least in the majority of instances. In contrast to ChatGPT, which does not have access to web searches by default, Copilot has access to Bing, which provides you with sources of information wherever they are relevant. In addition, you are able to pose any queries to it, and it will make an effort to respond to them to the best of its abilities.

There is yet another arena in which Microsoft needs to compete, and that arena is the smartphone market, where ChatGPT was introduced a year ago. To be fair to Microsoft, Bing with AI capabilities was already available as an app for users of iOS and Android, but this new standalone Copilot experience was not available to them.

Microsoft Copilot AI and Bing Chat are identical in their functionality. Microsoft has not eliminated Bing’s chat capabilities (nor is there any evidence that it intends to do so at some point in the future). However, the company is undoubtedly attempting to promote artificial intelligence as something distinct from Bing at present, and these new applications are yet another step in that direction.

Microsoft Copilot is available for free download from the App Store, but in order to use it, you will need a device that is running iOS 15 or a later version. There is also the option to download it via the Mac software store; however, this will only provide you with the iPad software, which may not be suited for use on your device. It is recommended that you use the Copilot website instead.

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