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Ben Affleck was “astonished” when Jennifer Lopez showed their secret love letters to each other.

In the upcoming documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Jennifer Lopez will talk about her new relationship with Ben Affleck in more depth

ben affleck and jennifer lopez

In the upcoming documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Jennifer Lopez will talk about her new relationship with Ben Affleck in more depth. It looks like not everyone was on board with the project at first, though.

The 54-year-old singer and actor talked about her three-part multimedia project, This Is Me, in an in-depth conversation with Variety that came out on February 13. Here’s the follow-up to her 2002 record, This Is Me… Then there was the singing movie This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, as well as a documentary about how the song and movie were made.

When the trailer for the Amazon original musical film came out last month, it got a lot of attention because of its crazy story and large number of celebrity cameos. The teaser even started with a picture of the singer of “On the Floor” riding on the back of Affleck’s motorbike as they crossed a body of water.

It turns out that her husband, a director, is also in the new documentary, which comes out on February 27. The title of the documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” is said to come from the love notes he wrote to Lopez. The Hustlers star first used the love letters as ideas for her record. She dug them up for songwriters she had brought over to her house.

Variety says that in a scene from the documentary, Affleck is “taken aback” when he sees his secret love letters for the songwriters lying around. He is said to have told the camera, “I did really find the beauty, the poetry, and the irony in the fact that it’s the greatest love story that was never told.” It seems like telling it if you write it down.

At another point in the documentary, the Gone Girl star agreed with him that they should talk about their relationship. They got back together in 2021, almost twenty years after they broke up in 2002. “I always thought that private things were holy and special because they were private,” he said. “Well, this was a bit of a change for me.”

Not only Affleck but also other people had doubts about the hour-long musical movie, which is a visual retelling of Lopez’s well-known love life. Variety says that the video shows actress Jane Fonda talking about how she doesn’t think she should work on the project. This is what Fonda tells Lopez in the documentary: “I want you to know that I don’t fully understand why, but I feel invested in you and Ben, and I really want this to work.” “However, this is what worries me. It seems like you’re trying too hard to show something instead of just living your life. You know, every other picture of the two of you is of you kissing or hugging.”

Lopez laughed and said, “That’s just us living our life.” The actor who played Marry Me told Variety about the new show, “Everyone thought I was crazy.” Also, I thought I was crazy.

Lopez said that her husband was very helpful while making This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, even though Affleck was hesitant at first. Affleck, who has won two Academy Awards, often gave Lopez directing tips while they were filming. “He told me, “You made a movie.” Just for you. That show is great. Lopez remembered her husband telling her, “You did it.”

The singer apparently paid for the project with her own $20 million. She also said, “To be honest, I don’t care what happens now.” No words can describe how grateful I am for that.

Lopez and Affleck got married in a small wedding in Las Vegas in July 2022. A month later, the pair had a second wedding at Affleck’s house in Georgia.

The record This Is Me… Now and the Amazon Prime Video show This Is Me… Now: A Love Story will both come out on February 16. From February 27 to March 1, Amazon Prime Video will have The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

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