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Intel Has Just Launched 27 New Desktop and Laptop CPUs.

Intel is experiencing a brief CPU market resurgence. At first, the company appeared to be falling behind AMD’s Ryzen chips.

Intel Has Just Launched 27 New Desktop and Laptop CPUs.

Intel Has Just Launched 27 New Desktop and Laptop CPUs.

Intel is experiencing a brief CPU market resurgence. At first, the company appeared to be falling behind AMD’s Ryzen chips. However, ever since the release of Intel’s 12th-generation chips, the company has endeavored to regain the CPU championship by innovating and doing entirely new things.

An additional milestone in this progression was the introduction of the Intel Core Ultra processors, which further developed the advancements introduced in the 12th generation series while also introducing long-awaited modifications, including the Intel 4 (7nm) process. Intel has now released an additional set of new chips, albeit one that may be a little more jumbled.

Intel introduced an assortment of new processors at CES 2024, which encompassed 14th-generation Core HX-Series chips. An amusing observation regarding this specific batch is that it retains the Core “i” branding. The highest-end processor is the Intel Core i9-14900HX, which features 24 cores and 32 threads.

Additionally, there is the Intel Core i7-14700HX, which has 20 cores and is 50% more efficient than its predecessor. Absence of Core Ultra. The chips’ aging branding is likely due to the fact that they utilize Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh architecture, the same as the recently released 14th-generation desktop processors. It is not surprising that the H and HX series are typically reserved for mobile equivalents of desktop processors.

Intel will likely complete this branding transition prior to the release of 15th-generation processors, but for the time being, the company’s logo is sporadic and can be confusing. However, that does not mean these processors are not deserving of investigation. Don’t let the branding deceive you; these are probably some of the best processors available for laptop installation.

Additionally, Intel has introduced a fresh line of desktop processors. Our existing lineup already includes 14th-generation processors; these are merely further developments, including the Intel Core i9-14900 and options ranging from the entry-level Core i3-14100.

Since these are non-K variants, the primary distinction between them and those already available in stores is that they lack an unlocked multiplier and are, therefore, not capable of being overclocked. Additionally, there are F variants available that lack an integrated GPU; therefore, if you have a dedicated GPU and wish to save a few dollars, these may be worth considering.

In addition, the Intel Processor 300 occupies the lowest position in this lineup of desktop processors. This is the type of processor that was formerly designated as a Pentium or Celeron chip in previous iterations. However, Intel has recently discontinued that branding and replaced it solely with the term “Intel Processor.”

In conclusion, we have the Intel Core U Series 1 processors, which, for once, bear the more recent branding and are designed for thin and lightweight laptops. Although these chips are not Ultra chips, their performance is not quite at the level of the ones that have already debuted on a few laptops, but they are still quite excellent.

For instance, the Intel Core 7 150U features ten cores (two for performance and eight for efficiency) and boost frequencies of up to 5.4 GHz. Additionally, the Intel Core 3 100U and the Intel Core 5 120U are available.

Since we know this is too much, below is the whole list of chips Intel announced.

Mobile HX Chips

  • Intel Core i9-14900HX
  • Intel Core i7-14700HX
  • Intel Core i7-14650HX
  • Intel Core i5-14500HX
  • Intel Core i5-14450HX

Desktop Chips

  • Intel Core i9-14900
  • Intel Core i9-14900T
  • Intel Core i9-14900F
  • Intel Core i7-14700
  • Intel Core i7-14700T
  • Intel Core i7-14700F
  • Intel Core i5-14600
  • Intel Core i5-14600T
  • Intel Core i5-14500
  • Intel Core i5-14500T
  • Intel Core i5-14400
  • Intel Core i5-14400T
  • Intel Core i5-14400F
  • Intel Core i3-14100
  • Intel Core i3-14100T
  • Intel Core i3-14100F
  • Intel Processor 300
  • Intel Processor 300T

Mobile U Series 1 Chips

  • Intel Core 7 150U
  • Intel Core 5 120U
  • Intel Core 3 100U
  • Intel Core 3 100U (with IPU)

Store shelves should be stocked with the desktop processors within the coming weeks, and partners will almost certainly release prebuilt computers incorporating at least a portion of these chips. Additionally, laptops equipped with mobile HX and Series 1 processors are anticipated to become available in the coming weeks; however, those interested in observing such devices will need to monitor laptop manufacturers’ announcements.

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