Putin informs Tucker Carlson that Russia cannot be defeated in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that beating Russia in Ukraine is “impossible by definition.” He also said that he has no plans to start a war in nearby Poland or Latvia.

Tucker Carlson and putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said to Tucker Carlson that beating Russia in Ukraine is “impossible by definition.” He also said that he has no plans to start a war in nearby Poland or Latvia.

In a famous interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Putin said again that he had to invade Ukraine to stop the country from becoming a threat to Russia by joining NATO. He also denied that he wanted to take over all of Europe’s land and said he would only send troops into neighboring countries if they attacked first.

“There’s no way that could happen,” Putin said in an interview that was shared on social media and Carlson’s website on Thursday. “You don’t have to be an analyst to get involved in some kind of global war,” he said.

“And a world war will put everyone on the verge of destruction.” It’s clear.”

In a two-hour interview, Putin talked at length about the history of Russia and Eastern Europe. The Russian leader also said that his government was in touch with the US and that the only way to end the war peacefully would be for the US to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

Putin said, “I will tell you what we are saying about this and what we are telling the US leadership.” “Stop giving people weapons if you really want to stop fighting.” It will be over in a few weeks, and then we can speak about the terms. Stop that before you do it.”

Putin said he “never refused” to talk about peace with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine. Still, Moscow hasn’t reached all of its goals in Ukraine yet, such as “de-Nazification,” which refers to Putin’s claim that Kyiv is killing Russian-speaking people in a massacre.

Carlson asked Putin if he would be ready to free Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich as a “sign of your decency.” The Russian leader said that a deal is possible and that there is “no taboo” about solving the problem.

Moscow’s government said Putin agreed to talk to Carlson because he had a more balanced view of the war in Ukraine.

Carlson has called into question why the US supports Kyiv many times, and in a video shared on social media this week, he criticized US media for “fawning” over Zelenskyy.

Carlson said in a video on his website that anyone who thought Putin would give up Crimea for peace was “crazy” and “wanted weak leadership in Russia” after his talk with Putin aired.

Many people didn’t like Carlson’s decision to go to Moscow to talk to the Russian leader. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called her a “useful idiot” before the conversation.

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