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WhatsApp is Adding Email Verification to iOS and Android Users.

Email Verification

In the near future, WhatsApp will add practical functionality that grants users access to their WhatsApp accounts via their email addresses. Using the most recent WhatsApp beta, users can now link their email account to their WhatsApp profile.

The ‘Email Verification’ function, which was initially present in the beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, has been relocated to a new section under ‘Account Settings.’ Within this particular domain, individuals can link their WhatsApp account with their email address.

Introducing WhatsApp’s Email Login Option

Email Login

This functionality, which WABetaInfo first identified, is remarkably simple. To verify ownership, enter your email address into the application and select the verification link that will be emailed to you. You can use your email address to register for the application after adding it, primarily to receive the six-digit verification code.

When you are in an area without mobile network coverage and need to log in on a new device, this feature becomes extraordinarily useful. Additionally, it is beneficial in situations where one wishes to switch to a different mobile device without promptly migrating their SIM card to the new device.

To include the email address, navigate to the Account Settings. The email address option will be expanded. Although phone numbers continue to be mandatory in order to establish a WhatsApp account, Nevertheless, the functionality may prove useful in circumstances where the reception of an SMS message presents an obstacle.


Several months have passed since WhatsApp began experimenting with this email verification method; the most recent update expands its beta tester base. With any luck, the beta users’ satisfaction with the feature will likely lead to its imminent integration into the app’s standard edition. How do you feel about the forthcoming WhatsApp email recovery function? Kindly express your viewpoints in the designated remarks segment.

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